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I am her. I am ME. A whole person. Multifaceted and complex. I have never claimed to be simple or perfect. I am not those things. I am deep rooted and down to earth. I am a dreamy idealist, with high expectations of myself and others. My head is stuck way up in the clouds. I am a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a friend, and a wellness coach.

I have been cloaked in darkness, but I am a warrior. I have battled many forms of abuse. I have raged against insecurities, fears, and my own authenticity. I have been to war with my body, my mind, my soul. While I haven’t conquered everything, I remain undefeated.

I have a deep love for humanity, for being of service, for true health and wellness, for critical thinking, and continuously learning. I am a citizen of Earth with the heart of a gypsy. The ocean is intricately a part of my being. I have a strong desire to understand a connect with people individually. I believe in being positive, the power of energy, and the laws of Karma. I know the opportunity to flourish comes from the ability to be vulnerable, so I strive to be transparent.

I am a walking contradiction. I can be soft-spoken as easily as I can be passionate and very opinionated. I am humble, but I do know my value. I have BIG dreams, but bigger PLANS. I am limitless to what I can achieve. This is my holistic life. I am no longer afraid to share my story with the world, for I am the creator of the ME movement. #theMEproject.

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