Natural perfume is like true love…

Pretty darn difficult to find. And once you do, you never want to let it go!

I’d know because I’ve been searching high and low for a natural perfume. I’ve tried countless samples from different companies, but never liked them enough to buy the full-sized product (often super expensive and not worth the cost in my eyes).


You’ve probably noticed the word “fragrance” in personal care and cleaning ingredient label lists. This term doesn’t represent one single ingredient but is a catchall for any number of mysterious chemicals used to scent a product. Companies are allowed to keep these chemicals concealed as proprietary “trade secrets,” using the umbrella term “fragrance” to represent them all. So since it’s a grab-bag of unnamed chemicals, fragrance is an especially troubling ingredient.

Fragrance can irritate the skin, causing contact dermatitis. It is also a potential endocrine disruptor (i.e. may interfere with your hormones, the very important chemical messengers that tell you body what to do and how), known to irritate allergies, and causes headaches, nausea and dizziness—I’m sure we’ve all had the unfortunate opportunity of being in an elevator or car with someone wearing far too much perfume or cologne and can attest to this!

DIY All-Natural Solid Perfume


  • 2 tsp beeswax pastilles
  • 4 tsp refined coconut oil (has less scent than unrefined coconut oil)
  • 50 drops essential oils of choice (example: 10 top notes, 18 middle notes, 12 bottom notes)
  • 1 oz glass jar or metal tin
  • Toothpick or butter knife



Drop your essential oils of choice into the jar and set aside. In a double boiler (or makeshift double boiler using a heat-resistant measuring cup or bowl), melt the beeswax. After the wax has melted, add the coconut oil. Pour the mixture into the jar over the essential oils, then give it a little stir with a a toothpick or clean butter knife. Place the jar somewhere where it will sit undisturbed for a at least an hour for it to solidify. And voilà! You have yourself an all-natural homemade perfume.

DIY All-Natural Roll-On Perfume


  • 2 teaspoons fractioned coconut oil
  • 20 drops essential oil of choice (example: 5 top notes, 9 middle notes, 6 bottom notes)
  • 10 mL glass roller bottle*

*You can use clear bottles here, but cobalt or brown glass is better because they prevent light from degrading the essential oils, which causes them to lose their scent.


Take the top off your dropper bottle. Drop your essential oils of choice into the bottle and top it off with the fractioned coconut oil. Put the top back on the bottle and give it a little shake. Ta da! That’s it!

Do you have a favorite essential oil scent combination?

Please share with us!


-xo-Ivy Johnson

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