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Fitness & Wellness Packages

Get Out of Your Own Way & Into Your Best Body Today.

Here is a simple solution to your weight loss woes.

What if i told you that you can have the body you’ve always wanted in just 25 to 30 minutes a day, and that you’ll SEE & FEEL amazing results in just 21 days?  Or that simply by adding a completely natural superfood to your diet you’d start dropping weight.  Would you start today?

The trouble areas you thought were stitched into your DNA simply are not.  I’m living proof.  Like many others, my weight has gone up and down, but never have i carved out the toned body that i desired until now.  I am simply one of the hundreds of thousands of people like you that are living proof that this program works.  It has completely changed our bodies, our mind set, and our energy levels in as little as 21 days.  It’s proven, and it’s guaranteed.

These fit programs are perfect for you if:

* you want to feel great and lose weight

* you want to transform your shape

* you can’t afford a personal trainer

* have limited time to exercise

* have plateaued in your fitness

* need an increase in energy levels

* want to increase your strength and endurance

* are looking to get lean and transform your body

* want to burn fat even at rest

* have ‘trouble zones’ that you need to diminish

* travel for work or often on the road

* experience cravings that need to be curbed 

* need to upgrade your current lifestyle and diet

All Programs Come With Member/Challenger Benefits:

 * a private invitation to be in my exclusive member supported community

* 30 days free trial membership to body on Demand: a digital library of streaming/on demand fitness programs

* me as your personal fitness and wellness coach

* exclusive members only access to my ebooks, videos, and recipes

* a supportive and inspiring community of others doing the program with you

* a space of daily accountability

* an opportunity to upgrade to a discounted member or coach for lifetime discounts, rewards, travel, or to earn income.


{Bikini Plan Timed Nutrition}

This meal plan is designed to use with any program, and will give you VERY lean results fast.  While it can be used with ANY program, to get the maximum toned, lean results you want I recommend combining it with either of the 21 day programs, #BOD On Demand, OR Max 30.  This is a FREE meal plan that you will have access to with your investment in ANY of my fitness programs. 

bikini extreme

NEW Bikini Bootcamp

Ten 30 Minute Redefining at Home Workouts + Meal Guides + Portion Containers designed to get you jaw dropping results in just 21 days.

You’ll also receive an Official Bikini Competitor Meal Plan and 30 days supply of Shakeology Superfood Supplementation.

 This program teaches you long term healthy living habits: proper portion control, macro nutrient ratio, how to carve sleek sexy shouders, toned abdominals, strong lean legs, and will absolutely get you results QUICK.  The NEW Bikini Bootcamp is a whole-foods supported wellness and fitness program that offers the exact nutrition, meal guides, plus effective workouts and body slimming fitness routines designed to restructure the shape of your body in 21 days.  You’ll get a 30 day supply of superfood Shakeology to reduce sugar and carb cravings, a set of portion control containers, AND you’ll get an official top bikini competitor meal plan to get SHREDDED.  This program is perfect for those looking for a quick solution that will change the shape of how you forever step into fitness and nutrition.  Investment $140


pink shorts

created by acclaimed Celebrity Trainer, Shaun T, this is NOT a graduate program of the well-known INSANITY or INSANITY ASYLUM, but rather a condenced and high powered 30 minute program by the same trainer proven to blast fast, increase endurance, and change the shape of your body in 60 days.  As a participant you’ll be using the full Max 30 Fitness Challenge Kit that comes with a month’s supply of Superfood Shakeology, have my personal coaching and access to my member only resources and community.  All workouts are fully modifyable for all fitness levels and the modifications can be locked on view always.  Investment $180


orange top

21 Day Reset 

This program is perfect for anyone that has an event they need to be at, needs to get bikini ready, wants to learn to eat better, wants to see results quick, but does not want an EXTREME program. Our focus is on portion control and clean eating along with HIIT 30 minute workouts daily for the 21 days.  The workouts are adjustable for all fitness levels & the food system teaches longterm lifestyle habits. Those of you who are healthy eaters, but tend to eat in excess – this program is for you. Designed by top figure competitors and celebrity trainers, your kit will include a 30 day supply of superfoods, 7 specialized containers to measure out your food, AND you’ll get the full fitness program along with the 3 day slim down, and the doubles week calendar to give you incredible results in zero time.  *You will want a resistance band OR preferrably a set of hand weights. Investment $160



start streaming

B.O.D On Demand

Perfect for those who want to start RIGHT THIS SECOND with their first workout and love variety and digital accessibility. On Demand is a streaming digital library with over $2100 worth of the world’s best fitness programs like the P90X, X2, X3, Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, Chalean Extreme, Slim in 6, Insanity Asylum, 10 minute trainer, Brazillian Butt Lift, and some of the new and noteworthy renowned workouts from 21 day fix, fix extreme, PiYo, T25, and Max 30.  

BOD comes FREE for 30 days with any of the fitness program packs listed above!

Alternately it can also be purchased as a Challenge Pack through the START STREAMING NOW tab below.  With your enrollment you’ll get started as a Challenger in my community with a 30 day supply of Superfood Shakeology to guarantee your results.  We’ll work together one on one to develop the workout schedule that optimizes muscle confusion, maximizes your time, gets you the results you want, and supports any physical limitations in your body.

This is the one of the BEST deals available as you still get my coaching, personalized meal plan and other slim down meal plans and my online accountability group FREE.   To have me as your one on one coach, get my online community, my meal plans, and all of the exciting member benefits you MUST EMAIL me through the CONTACT ME  AS SOON AS YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER using the tab below.  The sign up for this program is directly through my Team Beachbody account.  If you do not contact me immediately, Team Beachbody will assign you to work with another trainer/coach and you will lose rights to any of my member community benefits.



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