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What Is Core De Force? Join Our Exclusive Test Group


I am so excited to announce that a brand new Beachbody home fitness program is going to be launched on the 31st of October!  Core De Force is a 30 day total body transformation program that will rock your world.  The best part about the program is that the only equipment you need is YOU!  Core De Force is an MMA inspired program which inludes 3 minute “rounds” where you will get boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai, knee-elbow combinations, bodyweight training and cardio spikes that will help you lose belly fat and shred your body.  If you can focus on hitting it hard for 3 minutes at a time before you know it the workout will be over.  I have had the opportunity to do Core De Force as a preview to the release date.  This workout gets your heart rate up, it gets you sweating and I couldn’t believe how sore I was the next day.  I noticed that it really does focus on your entire core and getting your midsection defined, which of course is a woman’s top area to spot treat right!!!  So check out all the details here if you are interested in changing up your workout, breaking a plateau, getting started with your transformation or holding yourself accountable over the holidays.  I am going to be hosting a private test group for people who are ready to join me in this 30 day program.


What is Core De Force? 

Core De Force is your 30 day countdown to a total body transformation.  This workout was created by Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews, it is the ultimate mixed martial arts-inspired workout that is going to really knock off the belly fat, get rid of inches and tone and tighten your entire body with no equipment.

I love this workout because in every workout there is a “learn it & work it” section that breaks down the moves so that you can learn them before you do the workout.  So if you are new to the MMA style exercises this will give you confidence to go right in and kick some butt.  Core De Force is also not on a beat or rhythm so you do

not have follow a specific routine per se.  There are modifiers in every single workout so no matter what your ability level is, you can go at your own pace.  As you get stronger the goal is to challenge yourself with higher intensity and increased focus.

I also like that there is no equipment needed except yourself.  This is key for those that are budget conscious, don’t have a lot of room to workout or are traveling and want to workout in a hotel room.


Core De Force takes the barriers away to getting started in your health and fitness journey because it is EASY, SIMPLE to follow and all you really have to do is show up and PRESS PLAY on the workout of the day!  My goal is to EMPOWER YOU AND GIVE YOU CONFIDENCE TO MAKE THE CHANGES NECESSARY SO THAT YOU CAN LIVE A HEALTHY AND FULFILLING LIFE.


What Is the Eating Plan Like?  The nutrition guide was created to be simple, clean foods, that you can easily measure out and combine to give yourself a well balanced nutrition plan that will fuel your body with the energy it needs to crush the next workout on the schedule and get the results that you want.  If you really want to know what this program can do for your body make sure that you are 100% committed to the nutrition plan because what you eat is 80% of the results that you get.

The nutrition plan follows the portion fix, but you will not receive another set of containers unless you want them!  Each food category is measured out and explained in detail to you.  The plan is meant to be SUPER EASY to follow so that you don’t get overwhelmed with to many options.  Plus, in the test group I am hosting I am going to be walking you through the entire nutrition plan as well.

How long are the workouts?  

The workouts are 30-45 minutes in length and you workout 6 days a week with a stretch on the 7th.  The workout program is 30 days in length.

There are 8 workouts in the program

MMA Speed- ∫ Upper body and core focused boxing influenced workout. (27 minutes)

MMA Shred- Muay Thai inspired elbow and kicks for total body shred. (37 minutes)

MMA Power- Uses explosive and defensive style movements in this fast paced cardio conditioning workout (47 minutes)

MMA Plyo- Core De Force is an MMA style home fitness program that will transform your entire body in 30 days.   When you combine boxing, Muay Thai and plyometrics in one workout you get a huge calorie burn and RESULTS. (47 minutes)

Power Sculpt- Total body burner that uses explosive power and interval training to lean and sculpt.  (37 minutes)

Dynamic Strength- Low on impact but high on intensity. (47 minutes)

Active Recovery- Recharge for the week ahead with this rest day that focuses on form and technique to help fight fatigue and sore muscles. (21 minutes)

Core De Force Relief- A quick 5 minutes stretch before bed session. (5 minutes)

Team Beachbody Exclusive MMA Mashup– All the best Core De Force moves in one workout.  (26 minutes)

Core Kinetics- A unique core workout inspired by Mixed Martial Arts movements.

5 minute Core on the Floor- the ultimate core finisher- 5 minute challenging plank movements that gets your abs on fire.

If you want to take your fitness to the next level after your 3o days you can get these 3 additional advanced workouts too:

Agility Strength- combines fast footwork drills with body weight resistance to help improve coordination and blast major calories.  (9 rounds- 37 minutes).

Agility Power- Grab your agility ladder and rip through multifunctional training that ignites every muscle and helps shred fat for serious definition (6 rounds-27 minutes).

MMA Kick Butt- This workout is meant to target your legs and butt with nonstop mix of powerful kicks and calorie burning conditioning spikes (9 rounds- 37 minutes).


When Can I Get This Workout?

Core De Force will be available on the 31st of October to customers of Team Beachbody coaches.  So if you do not have a coach right now make sure to sign up with me so that I can be your coach and guide you from start to finish through the program.  Here is your link to create your Free Team Beachbody Account.  Make sure that you complete the application below to be considered for a spot in my Core De Force Test Group so that you can also get the support and accountability to start and complete the program.  To complete the application click here:  Core De Force Application


How Much Does It Cost?

Core De Force has a variety of options.  The one that I recommend the most is the Core De Force Challenge Pack because it comes with everything you need to be successful with this program.  It comes with the entire Core De Force workout program, nutrition guide, program manual, Shakeology, access to me as your coach, discounted price and shipping plus it gives you entrance into my Test Group where I will be personally walking you through the nutrition guide, helping you to create a food plan that meets your needs, giving you recipes, tips, daily accountability so that this program does not become another dust collector on your shelf.

The Challenge Pack is $140 on Sale starting October 31st through November 2016.



How Can I Get Involved In My Support & Accountability Group?

So now here is the MOST important part.  How do I REALLY succeed at this program??  Well, anyone can go out there and buy the Core De Force Challenge Pack and do the workouts.  Unfortunately I have seen many of times ( I am also guilty of this) where we purchase a program with the best of intentions and before we know it, the workout is sitting on our shelf collecting dust and we make excuses for why we don’t have time or it isn’t the right timing.  So don’t let this be another program that you have good intentions with!  It’s time to take charge of your fitness and nutrition and get involved in a closed online community of support that is going to help you start and complete the program and get the RESULTS that you want just in time for the holidays.  Better yet, we are going to help you create a holiday plan that is going to give you the flexibility to enjoy the holiday things you want to eat but still get results.  Does that sound like a good plan?


Do you want to join???  Here is the requirements and how to get started:

  • In my Test Group I am going to be requiring that each participate for the entire 30 days of the program starting on the 7th of November.  Each participant must have ME as their assigned coach.  You cannot already be working with another coach or be a coach yourself.
  • You must commit to both the fitness program and Shakeology to join the group.  You will be getting everything you need for this group when you sign up with me.
  • You must be willing to participate daily in the closed online group.  I will have you log your workouts, your daily food activity and provide you with tools, tips and recipes to help you get to your goals.
  • You must be willing to give it your all!  Change is not always easy but it is totally worth it.


There will never ever be a perfect time to start your fitness and health transformation.  You literally just have to take that leap of faith, bite the bullet and go for it.  If you do not try, how will you ever know if you can succeed! This just might be that 1 thing where everything comes together and just finally makes sense to you and your lifestyle.

Connect with me on my Facebook Page to see even more details on the event and news and announcements:

Are you in???  There is limited space in my Test Group so make sure you complete the application to get your spot!

I want to see you crush those goals and feel confident and empowered to take on the rest of your life!!!!

xo-Ivy Johnson

Are you ready for this Memorial Day Weekend?

I may be doing some indulging during the long weekend but, STARTING June 1st — It’s ON!!!!

And if you’re ready to DETOX & GET FIT after the long weekend– I have 10 spots left in my JUNE Bikini Bootcamp fitness group!!…

If you are wondering how the cleanse works, let me break it down for you a bit. Once you sign up for the 3 Day Detox Cleanse, you will receive:

•3 essential supplements to detox and optimize your body.

•A nutritional guide book that include your 3-day detox eating plan with shopping lists, recipes, and cooking tips.

•A customized meal plan post cleanse and Shakeology so you can continue for the next 30 days nourishing your body and continue to feel and look your best!

•100% Support from me!

The 3-Day detox cleanse is great for those looking to reset your health and nutrition. If you’ve fallen off the wagon, need a kick-start to clean eating before SUMMER this is for you!

I don’t starve myself or skip meals, I don’t deprive myself of cheat meals 🍕 (or wine🍷) & I don’t spend hours in the gym. I simply practice balance.

Are you READY to make a change in your lifestyle? I have 10 spots left in my JUNE Bikini Bootcamp fitness group.

All you need to do is drop your email below OR.. if you’d rather just fill out this form to get you started!

 Can’t wait to chat with you!
-Ivy Johnson


21 Day Plant based Cleanse Results

UR final transformationI’ve lost 13 pounds and 8.5 inches in my whole body on this cleanse, which I believe to be 13 pounds of fat, not water weight or muscle. But that is not much weight considering most people by 3 week have lost significantly more weight than what I have by now, but everyone has different starting points and goals.
For me, it’s been a way to improve my eating habits further by eating more vegetables, stopping mindless snacking, and to  experience it for my coaches and my customers.
My goal isn’t weight loss – I already eat pretty clean and I’m happy with just being FIT and strong and having BALANCE in my life. But I must admit… I was curious if the weight was coming off my upper body since that is where I tend to store most of my fat; my upper back and my stomach. We store fat in areas based our genetics and those areas become our “trouble zones” as we gain weight. They’re usually the LAST areas to lose the fat. But at a certain low body fat %, even trouble zones start to disappear.
You can’t turn fat into muscle. You have to lose fat and BUILD muscle and you can be doing both at the same time. I’m ALWAYS working to build more muscle everywhere! 🙂
What is the Ultimate Reset…..
First let me say, The Ultimate Reset is a scientifically formulated 21-Day non-starvation Plant Based Cleanse. You are eating an extremely clean, mostly vegan, meal plan plus supplements to detoxify, gently cleanse your system and re-set your system for optimal health, fat loss, reduced cholesterol, and more.
The Tweaks…
  • WORKOUTS. Walking, Stretching, Yoga, or PiYo (combination of pilates and yoga). You cannot overdo it since your body needs energy to heal & reset itself during a detox and cleanse. Again, Beachbody does not recommend you do more than light activity while on The Ultimate Reset.
  • THE PLAN. I am eating more than I would eat on a regular portion control meal plan.
  • SHAKEOLOGY  is an “approved” snack option on The Ultimate Reset.
  • NO COFFEE:  You can buy a “less acidic” coffee made by Puroast Coffee, which you can find in Wholefoods in the event you cannot be without coffee.
  • CHOCOLATE: I have a Chocolate Mint Vegan Shakeology every day after. I used 1 cup ice, 1/2 cup water, 1 Scoop Chocolate Vegan SHAKEOLOGY, and organic Mint extract to taste. Sometimes we do this TWICE in the day as a later snack or with stir fry veggies as one of our meals.
  • TIME SAVER: That 2nd Vegan Shakeology with Veggies and hummus as a meal, or we duplicate recipes on different days where the recipe is too time consuming.
  • PROTEIN & OATS: First week you will slowly phase out from consuming animal protein.
The Ultimate Reset details, and science behind it, are found on Of course, if you already are a Coach or have a coach, go to YOUR site or your coach’s site to order.
The food on this cleanse has been AMAZING. Can you tell we like hummus and the Zucchini Cashew Soup?? YUM!
The Ultimate Reset is a mental and time commitment for sure. But if I can do this, anyone can! I FEAR hunger, I don’t like to follow meal plans, I don’t like to cook, and I was worried about not being able to workout since that’s how I relieve stress and it’s an integral part of my life.
But I’ve had NO cravings for sugar or bad carbs, I haven’t felt hungry, I’m way more hydrated than usual, I have great energy, I’m sleeping better than ever, I feel *tighter* and less bloated, I’ve enjoyed learning new clean eating recipes that are vegan – even though I’m not vegan.
If you work full-time or travel, this can still be done with some preparation and planning ahead.
If you are ready to change your lifestyle, and start with a clean slate, reach out to me so you can be part of my May group!!
Health & Joy,
Ivy Johnson

22 Minute Hard Corps

22 minute marine corps1

Beachbody is at it again.  They are about to launch a brand new home fitness program that is going to blow your mind!!  They started out with programs like P90X that were over an hour long each day.  Then, they created 21 Day Fix that is only 30 minutes daily, T25 that is 25 minutes daily and now we are taking it to a whole new level.  22 minutes a day… yes you heard me right!  In just 22 minutes you can get some seriously rocking results with Tony Horton and ME as your coach!
The trainer that taught me how to do push-ups…. Tony S Horton takes the lead in this one and I have to say…. anything that screams “military style” workout makes me PANIC. To me, I think “cardio, push til you… puke, push-ups, crunches all while being on fire, in the mud, sleet and rain while getting yelled at in your face by someone bigger, better and stronger than you😂😂“.
Okay, so that’s a tad dramatic…. But as I looked into this program today I realized it’s not what it is at all. Challenging, absolutely, but it’s body weight style training, with the addition of simple weights at times and full body workouts every workout. I like that they are only 22 minutes long, I love that they are cadenced. Mentally it helps you sink in and focus on the work. I’m actually REALLY INTERESTED in doing this and will be buying mine today ( on sale for the launch ) and am looking for a small group of people who are interested in going through this program with me.

So what is 22 Minute Hard Corps anyways?? So it was created by Tony Horton who also is the creator of P90X, P90X2, P90X3, Power 90 and more.  It is a mixture of eight routines that alternate between total body cardio & resistance 1 workout a day for 6 days a week.  The workout is fast paced and there is little rest.  The workouts are easy to pick up and learn.  You are moving from exercise to exercise quickly to maximize time and results.
What Equipment Do You Need? Dumbbells or pull up bar (or resistance bands with a door attachment).  The harder you work the faster that you grow!!!
What will you get with this program? • 8 challenging workouts on 2 DVDs • Quick Start Mission Guide • 8-week Basic Training Action Plan • Rations for Results Nutrition Field Guide • Cold Start pre-workout drill • Hell Week Challenge Card • HARD CORPS: Battle Buddy Workout DVD (Network Exclusive)
So who is this workout for??  People who don’t have a lot of time to spend working out in a gym.People who want fast effective results with little or no FUSS. There is also an optional 2 a day hell week challenge if you are up for it
I know you  might be thinking that you can’t do this workout, but you CAN.  It is for everyone and even in the sneak peek workout I did today there were modifications for every ability level which I totally love! The program is 8 weeks in length, 6 days a week, 1 workout a day for 22 minutes!
I love working with people through programs that I’m also doing for the first time! It’s a unique, high accountability opportunity to get that before and after result and make it count! Message me directly if you’re interested.
On the 14th of March we will start our pre season which consists of 1 week of goal setting, pictures, measurements, meal planning and education on the nutritional plan and then the following week is our official day 1.
******For 8 weeks I will guide you daily through the program with support, accountability, access to an online/app based closed group for support and guidance.  Each participant is required to purchase the 22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge Pack/Program and commit to replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology for the duration of the group.
If you are interested in getting more information about the program please complete this form and I will contact you within 24 hours with details.

xo-Ivy Johnson

The Scale Does Not Define YOUR WORTH!


Being a beachbody coach is an awesome job and I truly love helping other people!  It’s funny because the same questions creep in all the time. So today I want to talk about weighing yourself!  People ask me all the time, how often should I weigh myself, when and where!  So I am going to give you my honest opinion and my own personal experience with my journey!  Hopefully this will help to shed some light on how I got through the struggle with my scale!

Have you ever been told by a weight loss expert to throw away your scale?  If you did weight watchers you were defined by the scale each week!  Every week you weighed in and it honestly didn’t matter what you ate the week before as long as you lost weight.  So you could eat processed TV dinners and Diet Coke as long as you stayed within your points range and lost weight.  That’s great for some but it’s not creating a healthy lifestyle.  You are once again going to hit a plateau and not be able to lose weight because you are still put crap in your mouth.  You are just eating less food and are hungry because the TV dinner doesn’t fill you up and you want more!  I know myself that when I am hungry I get crabby and that’s no fun!  It’s no fun not to be able to eat!  So anyways the SCALE should never define who you are and your progress.  There are so many factors that go into your weight loss.  The scale is a great tool to constantly monitor where you are but it is not the driving force of your efforts.

Weigh yourself once a week.  Did you hear ME>!>!>!  Once a week!  That’s it!  The other times hide it!  Go by how you feel, how your clothes fit and your food journal to tell you if you are on track!
Pay attention to your weight trend over time.  If your weight spikes overnight, don’t worry about it too much.  If your weight steadily climbs from week to week now that is a different story.  Your weight fluctuates not only on a daily basis, but even on a within day basis, sometimes by SEVERAL pounds!  I mean that, by 2-3 lbs!!!!  You weight fluctuates based on changes in body water, the contents of your digestive system, the levels of glycogen in your muscles (stored carbohydrates) and for females, that time of the month.
Like looking at the stock exchange market charts, the short-term peaks and valleys shouldn’t alarm you.  People who invest wisely and hold almost always win the longer term compared to the people who panic during brief market fluctuations or jump on random tips.  It’s the same with your body.  It’s a positive trend over time that should interest you the most.

During the fat loss phase, body fat and body weight should be heading downward in a steady trend and lean body mass should be holding relatively stable or increasing slightly.

Regardless of your weighing frequency, consistency is vital!  So that means that every week when you weigh in do it at the same time of the day, on the same day of the week and with the same clothes or none at all.
So for me, I weigh myself every Friday morning, right after my morning workout and before I take a shower.  Then that’s it, it’s my official weigh in and I’m done!  I don’t sweat the number on the scale I just keep a mental note and keep going. Let me just tell you that I wasn’t always like that!  I used to get up every morning and weigh myself and then freak out if it wasn’t the same in the evening or the next morning.  But it was starting to control me!  I have taught myself that the number doesn’t define me and I am able to stay positive.

Instead of weighing yourself every day there are lots of ways to track your progress.
1.  Take your measurements- this is the first place you are going to see results.  Take your measurements on Day 1 and every 30 days for accurate progress.  So take your measurements around your chest, hips, thighs, each leg and each arm.  Record and store in your beachbody profile page.

2.  Figure out your body fat percentage either with an online calculator or  calipers.

3.  Photos- In my challenge groups I have everyone take a day 1, 30, 60 and 90 day photos.  This is so important because everyone has a certain degree of distorted self-image in the way they see themselves in the mirror and in their own minds.  But there is something different about photographs.  The photos don’t lie!
Sometimes seeing a picture of yourself is a pivotal event that triggers a turn around in your lifestyle.  I know that YOU don’t want to take those pictures but they are so important.  You can do what I did and lock them away in a file on your computer and hide them until you one day have the results that you would like and can pull them out and compare.  Also, since we look at ourselves each day it’s hard to see progress sometimes!  The pics put it all in perspective and help you to see the differences in your body.
ivy transformation pics

So in closing remember that you are more than the number on the scale.  Your worth is not defined by the size of your pants and the 110lbs on the scale.  Your worth is defined by the food you put in your mouth, the hard work that you are doing in your workouts and the people around you that you inspire each and every day to lead healthy fulfilling lives!  Never make a scale be the reason you give up on yourself, that’s just a lame excuse to go back to your old ways.  And those old ways didn’t get you where you want to be anyways!!!

Stop struggling, start living!

2016 become the better

On the outside your life looks pretty good. Great place to live, dinners out, regular vacations.

But on the inside you are struggling.

Not sleeping well.
Skipping meals
The stress of work & life takes over, and all you crave are carbs.
When the weekend hits, you want to unwind after a crazy week, the other part of you wants to sit on the couch, and do nothing because you have no energy.
And there’s that thing that you have with going on with your digestion. You are so bloated that you feel 4 months pregnant after you eat.
You are tired of taking meds and looking for answers, you want a solution now!

You are so busy and available to others that there’s nothing left at the end of the day for you.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Its totally within your reach to turn your health around and feel amazing again! I work with women like you, and I see first hand how they regain their confidence and their life back. We will use a plan that I will custom design just for you. So you too can take control of your health, and wellness.

You will get:

Guides and eating plans to support your weight & fitness goals.
Short workouts that you can do at home or gym.
Access to me as your coach.

The keys that you’ll need to making healthy habits last, much longer after our time together has ended.

Let’s connect today.

Email me at: or fill out this application!


Much love,

Ivy Johnson

A glimpse at my personal meal plan

Hammer & Chisel Week Meal Plan plan B

I hope that you have enjoyed your New Year and are ready to get back on track with your nutrition and fitness.

I am ready to kick it into high gear for week 2 of Hammer and Chisel this week. I have printed off my tracking sheets for my food, I have my food journal in place, I have my meal plan created and ready to go!  I am committed to making this week count in a BIG WAY!
So here is my game plan for the week:

Workouts will happen at 5:00 am each day this week.  It’s become my morning routine and I love to get it out of the way first thing in the morning.  I am always asked, how do you have the energy to do a workout at 5:00 am?  Well, honestly it is rough some days, but I drink my Energize, I go straight to my garage and I just press play because I know if I don’t get it done now I will make every excuse as to why I can’t or don’t have time later.

I am following plan B for the hammer and chisel plan because I want to add lean muscle.  While I always want to tone and cut fat I feel that eating more is going to help me get the lean muscle faster.

Monday: Chisel Cand 10 minute ab chisel
Tuesday:Max Hammer Strength optional Hammer Build up
Wednesday: Chisel Agility and 15 minute glute chisel
Thursday:Hammer Power
Friday: Chisel Balance and 10 minute ab chisel
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: Hammer Conditioning plus 15 minute leg hammer

I always drink the pre workout energize for that extra boost in my workout.
I then immediately following my workout drink the recover drink, I shower and then have my Shakeology for breakfast each day.

The BEST nighttime recovery and you need to try this

I drink the evening recharge formula because it helps with sore muscles and it does give me better results. I find that the next morning I can push harder than before!

Meal Planning:  I like to plan out a week at a time because it helps me to stay on track.  I know that when I fail to plan out my week I tend to make poor choices, I fly by the seat of my pants and then I’m not prepared and we don’t end up having the right foods in the house. When I do the meal planning I do much better.

I am committed 100% to this program because we have our Success Club Trip which is a cruise in March!  So its go time!

I am loving Hammer and Chisel and I can tell you that it’s a challenge, but it’s totally doable.  If you are looking to take your fitness to the next level this is the perfect program for you.  It is the right amount of strength training and cardio to keep me challenged, focused and excited about each and every workout!

So it’s game face on!  Lets get those results!!!

Remember that Summer Bodies are Made in the WINTER!!!

There is still time to join!  I am kicking off Pre season tomorrow for my January groups.

Your coach,
Ivy Johnson

Fitness & Wellness Packages

If you’ve been waiting to try some of the best Beachbody home workouts, NOW is the time, with some of the hottest new programs on sale for the new year.

The Beachbody home workout programs on sale this month include the just released The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, 21 Day Fix, the 21 Day Fix Kickstart, the 21 Day Fix Extreme Kickstart and my favorite way to kick off the New Year: 3 Day Refresh. Each Challenge Pack designed to give you a new body and the strength and determination to make it last.

Disclosure: I am affiliated with Beachbody and this post may contain affiliate links I earn a small commission from. That said, I use Beachbody products myself every day and recommend them to my closest family and friends as a life changer!

Beachbody Products on Sale January 2016

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel

the master hammer and chisel


The Master’s Hammer & Chisel + Shakeology

This brand new 60-day program transforms in just 30-40 minutes a day with an intensive combination of SSP training. Balance, strength training, cardio, agility and nutrition combine to give you the masterpiece results you always desired. This Challenge Pack includes the portion-control containers, compete workout program with bonus workouts, calendar, meal plan, 30-day supply of Shakeology, and 30-day subscription to Team Beachbody Club.

This month, save $75, and pay just $160 for everything in the package.

The Master’s Hammer & Chisel + Beachbody Performance Challenge Pack

If you already have your Shakeology, get this Challenge Pack, which ups your game with Performance add-ons. Energize and Recover speed up your results by improving performance and recovery time. Combat muscle-soreness, speed recovery and hit those workouts even stronger!

This month, save $75, and pay just $160 for everything in the package.


21 day fix


21 Day Fix + Shakeology

This program by Autumn Calabrese merges smart nutrition tips with high-energy fitness. The sale pack includes six workouts, 30 days of Shakeology, a free 30-day Team Beachbody Club membership that includes free Beachbody on Demand streaming video – that’s every Beachbody video available whenever you want to work out – and a free insulated tote bag.

This month, save $70, and pay just $140 for everything in the package.



Fix Extreme (+SP) + Shakeology Challenge Pack

Autumn gets serious with this hard-core 21-day program, which includes 30-minute workouts and a nutrition program that focuses on clean eating. The program includes color-coded portion control containers so you know exactly what to eat and how much. The Challenge Pack also includes 30 days of Shakeology and a 30-day membership to Team Beachbody Club, which makes the Beachbody library available to keep things fresh for the month – and keep you motivated.

Plus, you’ll save $70 at the low $140 January sale price.



21 Fix Kickstart + Shakeology Challenge Pack

This is the program for people who want big results FAST! It includes Autumn’s 3-Day Refresh Kit, her 21-Day Fix program, a collection of 30-minute workouts – so no time will never again be an excuse – and color-coded containers to help with portion control. (And don’t forget the 30-day Team Beachbody Club membership, which unlocks the entire Beachbody library!)

This month, pay only $180, and save $95 over the full price of the pack.




21 Day Fix EXTREME Kickstart + Shakeology Challenge Pack

This get-results-fast program is designed to help you get fit in a flash. The Challenge Pack includes Autumn’s intense nutrition program – it focuses on clean eating, so you’ll get rid of all the crap – along with portion control containers and a tough-but-effective workout program that take just 30 minutes a day. Again, it includes a 30-day membership to the Team Beachbody Club, which gives you a chance to find out if Beachbody on Demand and other Beachbody programs – including being coached by me! – is right for you.

You’ll save $95 at the low $180 price tag.




3-Day Refresh + Shakeology Challenge Pack

Perfect to kick-start the New Year, this Challenge Pack includes everything you need to get your eating habits on track. Detoxify and cleanse out all those holiday baddies in just 3 days and keep the good nutrition going with a 30 day supply of dense nutrition with Shakeology shakes. PLUS get 30 days of FREE workouts with Beachbody on Demand!

Save $70 at the low price of $140
If you’ve been waiting to try Beachbody, or get started on a new fitness plan, now is the best time to get started. The savings are remarkable, and you’ll be getting a chance to add some of the hottest workouts on the market to your collection.

Have Questions? I’m here to help.


I’d love to speak with you. Contact me to join my team or just to talk!

xo-Ivy Johnson


21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix Extreme: What’s the difference?

21-day-fix-560 21dayfixextreme

Everyone’s been raving about the 21 Day Fix  &  21 Day Fix Extreme, and with good reason. People are losing 10-15 lbs per cycle without starving themselves, and they are keeping it up. After 21 days, they have seen some results, and they have adjusted to new healthy habits.

The 21 Day Fix Base Kit starts at only  $58.85 (and only $10 if you buy Shakeology!), or the Challenge Pack is $140 (ON SALE!)

With the Essentials Kit, you will receive:

  • 2 DVDs with 7 Dirty 30 Workouts, including Yoga Fix, Pilates Fix, Lower Fix, Upper Fix, Cardio Fix and Total Body Cardio Fix.
  • Nutrition Guide with your 7 containers.
  • Workout Calendar
  • 3-day Quick Fix
  • Eating Plan
  • Shaker Cup
  • 24/7 Online Support

The Challenge Pack contains all of the above, PLUS a 30-day supply of Shakeology (flavors of your choice)!

The Ultimate 21 Day Fix contains all of the above PLUS and insulated bag and 2 more workouts – Flat Abs Fix and Barre Legs PLUS 1 Pro-Grade Resistance Band (15 lbs) PLUS  large on-the-go container.

What’s the difference between the two?

21 Day Fit EXTREME is basically a step up in intensity from 21 Day Fit.

Workouts: While the workouts have modifiers, it is still no walk in the park and is great for people looking for something a little bit more challenging!

Nutrition:  You still use the same containers but choose from two options when creating your meal plan. No treats, wine or chocolate.

Nutrition Plan

The 21 Day Fix nutrition plan is one of the easiest on the market. Since you eat everything in moderation – nothing is off-limits!

Ingredients for your meals are easy to buy, a breeze to prepare and a joy to eat. Best of all, you can have Shakeology, since it counts as a protein.

The 21 Day Fix portioned containers are measured out for the correct portions, so you don’t have to count calories. Simply put the food in the containers, that are easy to carry around when you’re on-the-go. For your convenience, they are dishwasher and microwave safe!

Breast feeding? Vegetarian? Vegan? You can modify your meals to suit your needs, using the directions provided in the materials.

Enjoy a treat a couple of times a week – as long as you don’t gorge yourself!

Meal Plan

Since it is hard to visualize what would go into a meal plan for the 21 Day Fix, I put together some examples of what would go in the recommended 1,200 to 1,399 daily diet, consisting of:

3 GREEN vegetable containers

2 PURPLE fruit containers

4 RED protein containers

2 YELLOW carb container

1 BLUE nuts / dairy container

1 ORANGE seeds / fats container

2 servings of oil

Every day, you would have 5 meals, and a typical menu for the week would look as follows –

Meal 1 Monday – Friday:  Shakeology with frozen berries.

Meal 1 on weekends could be scrambled eggs, oatmeal and banana, or fried eggs, whole wheat pancakes and an apple.

Meal 2:  Greek Yogurt

Meal 3:  Mixed green salad with cucumbers, peppers and either grilled chicken or sliced top round steak, or pork tenderloin. On weekends, have a turkey breast, avocado and whole wheat wrap with your salad.

Meal 4: Choose any one of banana, pineapple, apple, orange, pear or cherries with mixed nuts.

Meal 5:  For your main meal, enjoy one of the following –

  • veg stir fry with sliced top round steak and brown or wild rice
  • sauteed kale with pork tenderloin and corn on the cob
  • steamed veg with a turkey breast and sweet potato
  • asparagus, lean burger on whole wheat bread and cheddar cheese
  • steamed veggies with grilled salmon

21 Day Fix  &  21 Day Fix Extreme Workouts

Follow your 30 minutes of fun workouts daily for best results. You will need a resistance band and dumbbells – 5 lbs and 10 lbs if you’re a beginner.

21 Day Fix  is ideal for everyone from beginner-levels up, while  21 Day Fix Extreme is perfect for anyone who wants faster results and a more intense workout. The meal plans are simple and flexible and the workouts have modifiers, making it easy, even for obese individuals or beginners. However, it is also challenging enough for people of intermediate fitness levels.Men and women alike can benefit from the 21 Day Fix  &  21 Day Fix Extreme programs.

Learn more about the 21 Day Fix:


21 Day Fix Workouts

Total Body Cardio Fix. Keep your heart rate up and your metabolism revved high long after the workout is over.

Upper Fix. Targeted resistance training helps shape your chest, back, shoulders, arms, and abs.

Lower Fix. Firm and tone your entire lower body while you blast fat and burn calories.

Pilates Fix. Strengthen your core, elongate your muscles, and firm your hips and thighs.

Cardio Fix. Get your heart pumping and your body moving as you melt away the pounds.

Yoga Fix. Improve your balance, flexibility, and strength as you help relax your muscles.

BONUS: Dirty 30 workout. 4 rounds of fat-burning exercises help carve out a leaner, stronger physique.

21 Day Fix Extreme Workouts

Plyo Fix Extreme – An explosive lower-body workout that uses jumping and resistance to torch calories and sculpt muscles.

Upper Fix Extreme – By alternating opposing muscle groups, this no-rest upper-body workout will help shred your chest, back, shoulders, and arms.

Pilates Fix Extreme – Using a resistance band for every exercise, this intense mat workout works the entire body, placing emphasis on the core.

Lower Fix Extreme – Glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves will get stronger, leaner, and more defined with challenging resistance work.

Cardio Fix Extreme – Combining weighted cardio moves with traditional metabolic training intervals keeps your heart rate soaring.

Yoga Fix Extreme – A fast-paced flow yoga class, combining strength, balance, flexibility, and power.

Dirty 30 Extreme Workout – Features seven compound moves that target multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

For best results, you can double up your training by doubling up on the exercises from day 15-21.

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