1.  Focus on what you can eat, not what you can’t.  This is especially important for those of you who choose to go full vegan.  It’s really easy to see everything you can ‘no longer’ have, but if you’re EXCITED about what you CAN have, it opens up a world of variety, and you start to look at menus totally differently.  When dining out, look for veggies all over the menu. It’s quite easy to make a meal from a few veggie side dishes or swap out the meats from one plate with veggies from another plate (like swapping out fish or chicken on a salad with a scoop of hummus from the appetizer menu or swapping out a burger with a portobello mushroom).

2.  Eat your greens…and lots of them!  Leafy greens like spinach, kale, and chard as well as non starchy green vegetables like broccoli, green beans, and zucchini give you a GREAT bang of minerals, fiber, and antioxidants without a starchy or high carb quality.  If you’re not big on green veggies get a daily dose shaken up in coconut water with Power Greens.

3.  Link up with an accountability partner and get a coach or someone who’s gone plant based before the HEALTHY WAY – not by purchasing a bunch of processed and packaged fake-meats on the marketplace.  It’s so much easier to stay the course, get ideas, and get inspired when you’re working with others who are doing the same thing you are.  I’ve been practicing a high plant based diet, and have always found myself and my clients have stellar success when we USE the accountability community I plug you into when you start your program with me.  As a matter of fact some of my most successful transformations are from those who adopted a vegan or high plant based lifestyle, drink shakeology, and were accountable with me for their entire challenge

4. Go to my website for weekly vegan recipes.  Most recipes are vegan, gluten free, soy free, and simple recipes that you can share with your family.

5.  Supplement with Vegan Shakeology.  I honestly don’t think I would have been successful in my attempt to be 100% plant based without it.  Supplementing with vegan Shakeology helps fill in any nutritional gaps, gives you the adaptogenic herbs and superfoods your body needs to gain balance, increases your energy, and delivers probiotics and digestive enzymes. It also has helped me reversed some of my symptoms that I experience with Hashimotos. Recently, we’ve  Recently, we’ve added two new ingredients to our original blend: Matcha a green tea which contains EGCg, an antioxidant widely revered for it’s cancer fighting properties, and Chaga which is a medicinal mushroom and metabolic regulator known to have an energy boosting effect but also enhances your immune system, is a digestive tonifier, and is known as a longevity tonic.

xo-Ivy Johnson



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