21 Day Plant based Cleanse Results

UR final transformationI’ve lost 13 pounds and 8.5 inches in my whole body on this cleanse, which I believe to be 13 pounds of fat, not water weight or muscle. But that is not much weight considering most people by 3 week have lost significantly more weight than what I have by now, but everyone has different starting points and goals.
For me, it’s been a way to improve my eating habits further by eating more vegetables, stopping mindless snacking, and to  experience it for my coaches and my customers.
My goal isn’t weight loss – I already eat pretty clean and I’m happy with just being FIT and strong and having BALANCE in my life. But I must admit… I was curious if the weight was coming off my upper body since that is where I tend to store most of my fat; my upper back and my stomach. We store fat in areas based our genetics and those areas become our “trouble zones” as we gain weight. They’re usually the LAST areas to lose the fat. But at a certain low body fat %, even trouble zones start to disappear.
You can’t turn fat into muscle. You have to lose fat and BUILD muscle and you can be doing both at the same time. I’m ALWAYS working to build more muscle everywhere! 🙂
What is the Ultimate Reset…..
First let me say, The Ultimate Reset is a scientifically formulated 21-Day non-starvation Plant Based Cleanse. You are eating an extremely clean, mostly vegan, meal plan plus supplements to detoxify, gently cleanse your system and re-set your system for optimal health, fat loss, reduced cholesterol, and more.
The Tweaks…
  • WORKOUTS. Walking, Stretching, Yoga, or PiYo (combination of pilates and yoga). You cannot overdo it since your body needs energy to heal & reset itself during a detox and cleanse. Again, Beachbody does not recommend you do more than light activity while on The Ultimate Reset.
  • THE PLAN. I am eating more than I would eat on a regular portion control meal plan.
  • SHAKEOLOGY  is an “approved” snack option on The Ultimate Reset.
  • NO COFFEE:  You can buy a “less acidic” coffee made by Puroast Coffee, which you can find in Wholefoods in the event you cannot be without coffee.
  • CHOCOLATE: I have a Chocolate Mint Vegan Shakeology every day after. I used 1 cup ice, 1/2 cup water, 1 Scoop Chocolate Vegan SHAKEOLOGY, and organic Mint extract to taste. Sometimes we do this TWICE in the day as a later snack or with stir fry veggies as one of our meals.
  • TIME SAVER: That 2nd Vegan Shakeology with Veggies and hummus as a meal, or we duplicate recipes on different days where the recipe is too time consuming.
  • PROTEIN & OATS: First week you will slowly phase out from consuming animal protein.
The Ultimate Reset details, and science behind it, are found on www.MyUltimateReset.com/ivyjohnson Of course, if you already are a Coach or have a coach, go to YOUR site or your coach’s site to order.
The food on this cleanse has been AMAZING. Can you tell we like hummus and the Zucchini Cashew Soup?? YUM!
The Ultimate Reset is a mental and time commitment for sure. But if I can do this, anyone can! I FEAR hunger, I don’t like to follow meal plans, I don’t like to cook, and I was worried about not being able to workout since that’s how I relieve stress and it’s an integral part of my life.
But I’ve had NO cravings for sugar or bad carbs, I haven’t felt hungry, I’m way more hydrated than usual, I have great energy, I’m sleeping better than ever, I feel *tighter* and less bloated, I’ve enjoyed learning new clean eating recipes that are vegan – even though I’m not vegan.
If you work full-time or travel, this can still be done with some preparation and planning ahead.
If you are ready to change your lifestyle, and start with a clean slate, reach out to me so you can be part of my May group!!
Health & Joy,
Ivy Johnson

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